Third Eye Yoga Collective

YinYasa - w/ Mild Heat - Level 2/3
with Theresa Murphy

April 6 (Saturday)
at 9:00 am

Class length
75 minutes

Offered with mild heat (80-82 degrees). All levels class however likely not appropriate for students with physical limitations. The class is designed to be more rigorous with the invitation to deepen with more complex asana. Students wanting or needing to take it easy are also encouraged to do so.

Class will use props - 2 blocks, blanket and strap.

YinYasa The word Vinyasa means to place or arrange. Yin is the quality of slow, cool, and calm. The playful and poetic swapping of "Yin" for "Vin" implies that the nature of these Vinyasa classes are slow and purposeful. The asana work is deliberate, methodical and slowly builds into a peak pose or to open a specific body part. There is good focus on healthy alignment while weaving in the wisdom of the yoga philosophy, also keeping it light and playful all while working hard. A perfect Hatha Yoga experience, light and intense, effort and yield, soft and hard, yin and yang, work and play!


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